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EMAIL: [email protected]

Thanks for stopping by! I’m KINO ♈️☀️♊️🌙♉️👆
I hope you enjoy your reading ❤️


You can see which weeks are open here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsL61GSPalW9R0Q2-We64aQ/community
※ If all of the weeks are CLOSED, I am not taking anymore requests!

10+min (1-2 questions): $20USD
20+min (2-3 questions): $38USD
30+min (3-4 questions): $54USD
40+min (4-5 questions): $68USD

① Check the schedule (availability) and make sure you are okay with the wait time
② Send the payment for your desired reading here → paypal.me/kinotarot (Please double-check that the currency is USD!)
③ Send your questions and any additional information you would like to share to [email protected] or @kinoshitacarey on Instagram.
Additional information can include things like your back story, your astrological placements/placements of people involved, etc. Please tell me your name as well so I can match you to your payment!
④ I will give you an exact date to expect the reading by. It will be sent to you as a link to an unlisted YouTube video by the end of that day (23:59 JST).
※ If anything changes in your situation or you want to change your questions, please let me know as soon as possible, because I sometimes film the reading a little early!

👉The times listed are the MINIMUM lengths for a video, I may go over the listed time. I promise I will answer the number of questions as listed above, but feel free to ask more if you want, and if there is still time left I will answer them too. Or, if you want to ask fewer questions than listed for longer, more in-depth answers, that’s also fine.
👉I ask for additional information so we can get more detailed answers within the time frame of the reading, however if you don’t want to share personal information and just want to send questions, that’s okay too.
👉I will use Tarot and Oracle cards to read your situation, but like my general readings, a lot of the messages will be intuitive as well.
👉I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for any reading, so please do not use my readings to make important legal, medical, or financial decisions.
👉Remember that your future belongs to you and you only! I am reading your current energy and basing all forecasts off of that. If you’re not happy with the outcome of your reading, it is totally possible to create a different outcome for yourself.

❤️ Thank you always for your support and I look forward to getting to know you! ❤️

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