10 Magic Tricks Without Props

Learn how to do magic with nothing and amaze people in any situation! Magic tricks you can do with no props; we put together the best magic tricks to do with your hands, impromptu finger tricks, ear magic, nose tricks and other magic illusions that require zero equipment or gimmicks! Magic tricks with your body, magic tricks without cards, no materials needed at all, you can do these illusions anytime anywhere! Make someones arm magically shorter! Create the illusion of your eyelashes vanishing! Weird! Cause your finger to completely vanish or shrink! Learn the amazing secrets of levitation! All this and more in this weeks episode of How To Magic with Evan Era! This was a highly requested magic video; so many comments saying no more magic with props, stop using gimmicks, etc. So we hope you enjoy this top 10 list; some of our best magic tricks without props!

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Nothing! No props or materials needed 🙂

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video ↴
Disappearing Eyelashes Trick by Evan Era
Invisible Bubble Hand Magic Trick
Magic Shrinking Arm Rub Elbow Trick
Disappearing Pinky Finger Magic Trick Revealed
Magic Thumb Thru Ear Impromptu Trick
The Magic Stretching Thumb Finger Trick
Magic Nose Crack Hand Trick Revealed
The Magic Shrinking Pinky Finger Trick
Balducci Levitation Performance and Explanation
How To Make Yourself Float / Levitate w No Props

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