10 Sales Tricks to Increase Conversions: Sales Psychology for Print On Demand

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How to add pressure to your potential customers without scaring them away? 😨 We’re not just gonna talk theory in this video, watch and learn 10 actionable sales psychology tricks for your online store.

From expiration timers and fear of missing out, to checkout optimization and the paradox of choice, let’s make buying the best choice for your store’s visitors. 💲💲

📍 Checklist and resources:

0:32 – Expiration timers
1:25 – Limited stock products
2:14 – Cross-selling
3:44 – Upselling
4:27 – Free shipping
5:51 – Upfront policies
7:08 – Social proof
8:09 – Fewer options
9:10 – Pop-ups
10:57 – Faster shopping experience

Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy by Martin Lindstrom: http://bit.ly/336PjB6
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Pingdom: http://bit.ly/2WvakTB
TinyPNG: http://bit.ly/2r28y0J
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About this video:
How and what we buy is almost always based on how we feel in our gut. If you want to make an impression on shoppers, take a look at these ten psychology-based tips to boost your sales.

Remember – the fear of loss is much greater than the desire to gain something. Create a sense of urgency through scarcity. People hate being left out of anything, and your audience is no different. When they learn you only have two items left, it will create a fear of missing out or FOMO effect.

Implied urgency convinces shoppers to act now, often on impulse. A sale countdown pushes to act while it’s not too late. Just be smart about how and when you use the timer. Having an expiring sale on the same products every month will numb your customers to the urgency you’re trying to create.

Many products work or look better when purchased together. Cross-selling encourages a customer to purchase an additional product or service that is different yet related to the product the customer is already set on buying.

Similar to cross-selling, upselling means that you’re working with an already eager customer that is set on buying something from your store. Upselling encourages to purchase a more expensive variant of the same product, or the same product with additional features.

At its core, free shipping is designed to override the customers’ logic with emotion and play with their natural impulse to reconsider buying the extra items they previously talked themselves out of getting. Just remember you’re not actually offering shipping for free, you’re tweaking your prices to make your customers more interested in making a purchase.

People are always a little skeptical when they’re reading bold claims in ads or other content. But you can cut their skepticism and make them more likely to believe what you’re telling them. One method is to be specific about your claims. This is called risk aversion. Explain store policies and promotions in a simple and clear manner. Increase trust by offering as much information as possible.

When there are too many options, people tend to experience decision paralysis – also called the Paradox of Choice or Choice Fatigue. So, while offering your designs in all of the different colors of the rainbow might be tempting, be decisive – decide on the best two or three and stick to those.

Despite self-reporting that pop-ups provide a poor user experience, they can be incredibly effective when they’re implemented appropriately. For example, stores with exit intent pop-ups are able to turn an average of 35% of leaving visitors into customers. And stores with opt–in pop-ups are more than twice as likely to generate subscribers that those with a static sign-up box.

Customers are impatient and expect their shopping experience to be seamless and easy. Keep that in mind and get an edge over your competitors by creating a hassle-free experience.

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