It’s not enough to take good photos for your social media. You also gotta take cool videos that make people wonder how you achieved them. So, in this video, I show you some ideas and magic tricks you should try.
You can use a ladle, place its handle in your sleeve and make it look like it’s floating.
I show you how to make it look like you’re flying a broom like a witch, by standing on a chair and then having a black cloth between your legs.
You can use a ping pong ball to hold it in your hands and then make it float in the air with an air drier.
You can also dry something similar using a fishing net or hair strand. You simply attach a pencil on your hair and then you make it look like it’s floating.
I also show you a trick with putting real money in a folder and then you are cutting the folder in half. To the viewer, it will seem like you’ve just cut the money but in reality, you’ll be cutting beneath them.
I also show you a hilarious prank to try to prevent people from taking your matches. Simply take some regular matches and paint them with a black sharpie. They’ll seem like they have been used, but in reality, they’re brand new.
Watch until the end to find out all my amazing lifehacks and many more tricks you should try to make your IG posts go viral.

0:39 – The floating ball
2:44 – How to make crayons disappear
4:28 – The used matches trick
7:32 – The color-changing water trick
8:33 – Smart hand tricks you should do
11:44 – Generating electricity
13:21 – Unbelievable money trick challenge


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