3 (hidden) Esoteric Manifestation Techniques that work like magic (only use for good)

These 3 HIDDEN Esoteric Manifestation Techniques work like MAGIC.
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This video I’m going to show you 3 hidden esoteric manifestation processes for creating your dream reality that you most likely never heard of before. These are the things I use in my own life, and if you apply them in your life, I think it will dramatically change your life.

Welcome back to another video. My name’s Aaron and I hope you will expand their consciousness. Now on this video, I’m going to be sharing with you those hidden esoteric ways to go about manifestation. Some of them I have been implying in my life indirectly for a while and a few of them are completely new to me….

Yet I’m finding a lot of benefit in them, so I figured I would just make this video and condense them all into one. Now, first off, one of the things that absolutely blew my mind when I went to my spiritual awakening is knowing this so deep within myself, the things I was learning about reality, that things I was reading about, the things I was researching and wondering why was it in?

Isn’t this taught at any level in school? Why isn’t it offered as some form of curriculum? Why am I finding this out? Through absolute chance in a way, went through certain things and then went through that spiritual awakening. Why am I learning about it this way and not something that I was ever had access to that information?

Well, what I eventually learned is that there are different people that do know about some of this information. Of course he has. It’s out there in some ways. Obviously we have like the movie the secret and other movies that are in the mainstream, like what the bleep do we know and I like documentary showing quantum physics.

However, what they are is they’re not necessarily well known within the collective consciousness. You may just find yourself stumble upon it. However, there are people that do know about this kind of information.

Some people call it the back government. Some people call it a, there’s many different names for it. However, I will say that there are organizations that know about these manifestation techniques or they practice them in some ritualistic type way. However, it’s about understanding that we can do that with ourselves.

We can in a way hack our own energy and we can use it for good as the major difference between how some people think and how other people think. Some people may use it to control and manipulate when you can actually use it for yourself, to tap into energies within yourself that really allow things to manifest in a very quick way.

Now understand that manifestation really is a natural byproduct for the way reality works. So when we’re talking about esoteric manifestation, we’re talking about ways of understanding our consciousness, how we think, feel, and act, and how to optimize that did then experience a new reflection in life.

Now the reason I say and I always emphasize that we’re already manifesting is because it makes the manifestation process much easier. You don’t have to learn how to do that. You’re not already doing. What you want to learn to do is how to more easily get that what you want instead of that what you don’t want.

So for example, if you’re creating a lack of money, you are manifesting lack of money because there’s some type of belief there that holds an abundance of money from coming into your life or realized as well. There’s always abundance. If you’re getting an abundance of money, then great. If you’re getting an abundance of black, then you’re still getting into abundance.

You get an abundance of whatever you focus on. So we’ve talked about manifestation. Understand, first off, it’s a very easy natural byproduct for the way reality works and when we understand that, we didn’t realize that it’s easier for us to create what we want in our life.

Now, the esoteric parts that I want to share with you are things that I’ve either seen other people do and then I decided to use myself or the things that I’ve read about that I am. I know people as well that use it in their own life. Now, newly, I’ve been applying this to my life now. The first esoteric manifestation process has to do with something called archetypes…..

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