A STRONGHOLD IN THE NEW. Full Moon in Taurus November 2019 Astrology Horoscope

This horoscope is for the full moon in Taurus, which happens on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 8:34 a.m. ET.

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Life has been very chaotic and tumultuous for months, and possibly even years (since Saturn was in both Scorpio and Sagittarius 7 years ago). We have been trying to overcome old situations in our lives since then that are either bad for us or that we have outgrown and turn them around.

This year we made some big strides to make that adjustment we have been working out for a very long time finally manifest in a real and permanent way. It was hard to do that all this year, with lots of ups and down and lots of arguments with people.

This full moon is the STAND AGAINST all that change, all that karma, and all those imbalanced relationships. This full moon is the stand against anything that has felt bad and that has not been working.

It is the beginning of stability, security, and confidence. It is the beginning of better, more beautiful times in our lives that put us more at ease and make us feel more at home.

The way we create these better times is to say “NO” to anything that does not support or understand our values and needs, and to say “YES” to the things that do.

That does not mean to fight people or situations that do not support our needs, but to simply hold our ground and turn away from them. That is because most of the fighting should have already been done months and even weeks ago. Things now should be starting to budge.

There might still be a few more things that need to fall into place, but they will not come from making huge moves and strides. They will instead come from relaxing into a new sense of self, and moving forward from a place of more confidence.

They will instead come from doing good with what we currently have or have ended up with. By working with what we have and with all the hard work we have done this year, some very good situations can come.

And these situations are not just “good situations” that are stable and secure, but are also situations that WE REALLY WANT — getting both our WANTS AND NEEDS MET at the same time!!

Seems like the holy grail to me. Just keep on holding tight, and standing firm in your worth and work, until that happens — which is soon!

Your dreams CAN BE made a reality, and a beautiful life is about to be yours. Things truly are looking up for the rest of this year and beyond.

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