Chakra HEALING ~ SLEEP Meditation for Healing and Balance

Chakra HEALING ~ SLEEP Meditation for Healing and Balance

Chakra HEALING while you SLEEP ~ Guided Meditation for Healing and Balance
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Welcome to dauchsy meditations. This guided meditation was made to help you balance and heal your mind and body as you go to sleep. When its energy flow is disrupted or depleted, the body experiences mental and physical changes that can actually cause disease and mental illness. So what causes these imbalances you may ask. Well, it can be a variety of things including a traumatic event, a loss, life problems, and simply stress. And this imbalance can create a loss of energy, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses as well as physiological symptoms and disease in the body.
Now chakras are real points in the body that are located along the spine. These center points in the body are where major nerves and microvascular structures meet. When even one of these central points are blocked or disturbed, it can disrupt physical, emotional, and mental health. And when these points are clear and naturally flowing, your body will be in balance, and your body has the ability to heal itself from these ailments.
This meditation will help you remove the mental blocks that are keeping you out of balance, freeing your chakras and allowing them to flow freely. To help with the physical blocks in your chakras, there are yoga techniques that will allow you to clear your physical chakras. There is a link in the description below to a yoga program that specializes in these techniques.

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