End Of Coronavirus, According, To Astrology, From, The World, Vivek Mudghal,

Our world is going through a big damage these days because of Coronavirus. Every country in the world got affected emotionally and economically because of this. This virus has stopped the pace and race of the world.

According to our Vedic astrology, this disaster has started on 5th November 2019 when Jupiter changes it’s position to Sagittarius. Saturn and Ketu was already existing there. The combination of these planets can do disaster and they did.

Saturn is a planet of chemical, poison, air, etc and Jupiter is the planet of humans, nature, our surroundings, our belongings, etc. So the combination of these two planets infects human being and spread BY HUMAN TO HUMAN, not by any air or animal. Sagittarius is a sign that indicates or rule East. So everybody knows that it had started from east and we all witness deadly results.

These planets I.e Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu aspects the seventh house, which is Gemini, where Rahu is existing. Gemini and Rahu rules South or you can say that it shows the concern of a person from the west in one’s horoscope. Being a lord of the west, it spread vastly and rapidly in Europe, the US, UK, as they all are western countries of the world.

Saturn shifted to Capricorn on 24th January 2020. Being shifted in this house, it makes Shadashtak Dosh with Rahu. Saturn is a planet of grief, sorrow and from that time death toll rises grief spread all over the world.

Now on 22nd March, Mars changes it’s position to Capricorn and now on 30th March Jupiter is also joining these two. This is the most dreadful time. As a result, the world is going to change into the cemetery. 3 D’s is going to rule the world i.e DEATHS, DEPRESSION & DISASTER. Due to Mars fire incidents, terrorist activities, riots can take place. Funerals can also be seen in mass. Only one D” will save you and that is Distancing. So KEEP DISTANCE & BE SAFE.

This death war slows it’s pace around 5th June when Rahu debilitates and it goes down by 90% when Jupiter shifts it’s position back to Sagittarius from Capricorn.

Jupiter is making “Atichar you”. Jupiter stays for 12 to 13 months in one Rashi and at this time this planet shifting two rashes in the same time span. Over speeding always hits an accident and results in big damage.

Jupiter is a planet of family, happiness, festivity, growth, and Saturn that indicates isolation, sacrifice. People all over the world sacrificing their joy, happiness everything for their survival. They are isolating themselves from society and praying for their safety.
The Shadashtak Dosh between Rahu & Shani will end on 19th September’20, and that is the end time of this deadly disease.

Till then be safe and be healthy.