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MOTIVATE children to WANT TO LEARN and EXCEL. There is a Missing Link in education. Its not Math. Its not English. Its not Science. History and notable research repeatedly demonstrate that when children are internally motivated, good results follow. They’re more focused. They do their homework. They pay attention. They’re respectful. Their grades and test scores go up. The Missing Link in education is the lack of inner motivation and drive. New paradigm-shifting solutions and tools are required to produce this outcome in the education of our children. This is where the SKY U Quest for Excellence is changing education and lives. Watch and discover what this missing link is! Visit to learn more!

SKY U is a ‘university’ for children, ages 7-to-12, that provides this important MISSING LINK in education.

Based on over a decade of research into how children learn, over 7.5 million children and more than 10,000 schools across America have experienced the SKY U core curriculum and products. SKY U programs and products MOTIVATE elementary school-age children to excel and empower them with the tools to achieve EXCELLENCE.

Because today’s children process information differently than prior generations, SKY U uses a variety of integrated media to reach and engage them: Stories, Interactive Activities, Music, Video, Live Events, and all work together as a powerful catalyst to inspire excellence.

The premier SKY U program is The Quest For Excellence. Delivered in school and at home, The Quest engages, equips, and empowers children to:

* Achieve better grades and test scores
* Become more motivated, focused and organized
* Be accountable for the results they produce
* Improve communication and cooperation
* Maintain a positive ‘can do’ attitude
* Live their highest potential