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SKY U Quest Live Events provide students with a motivational experience they’ll remember for years to come. From the first moment they enter a Quest Live Event, children know they are about to have an experience unlike any other. Watch as they are energized by the SKY U “university” theme, space adventure storylines, and colorful cartoon characters all of which set the stage to motivate children with the dynamic Quest For Excellence™ Program.

The Quest’s “student-centric” approach motivates children to want to learn. It provides a strong sense of purpose so that each child’s educational experience is motivated by a growing inner desire to learn and succeed. Elementary school-age students and their teachers and parents participate in The Quest For Excellence Program via Quest Live Events and easy-to-use online interactive teaching modules and activities via

SKY U is a ‘university’ for children, ages 7-to-12, that provides the MISSING LINK in education.

Based on over a decade of research into how children learn, over 7.5 million children and more than 10,000 schools across America have experienced the SKY U core curriculum and products. SKY U programs and products MOTIVATE elementary school-age children to excel and empower them with the tools to achieve EXCELLENCE.

Because today’s children process information differently than prior generations, SKY U uses a variety of integrated media to reach and engage them: Stories, Interactive Activities, Music, Video, Live Events, and all work together as a powerful catalyst to inspire excellence.

The premier SKY U program is The Quest For Excellence. Delivered in school and at home, The Quest engages, equips, and empowers children to:

* Achieve better grades and test scores
* Become more motivated, focused and organized
* Be accountable for the results they produce
* Improve communication and cooperation
* Maintain a positive ‘can do’ attitude
* Live their highest potential