MAGIC TRICKS REVEALED ! 10 Easy Magic Tricks & Illusions by Crafty Panda

It’s showtime! Set aside your plans, because it’s time for some magic! And not just any magic! It’s time for some amazing magic tricks performed just for you! Join in! Try recreating an awesome card change trick or, even better, a magical ring magic trick! Card, balloon, and other magical item tricks that will surprise the audience are waiting for you, so stay tuned for all of these and so many more cool and fun magic tricks and magic show ideas by Crafty Panda!

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00:04 Balloon Bubble
01:00 Losing Finger
01:55 Cup With Holes
03:00 Magic Ring
03:42 Change Card In Bag
04:42 Empty Box Not Empty
05:56 Changing Water Color
07:13 Always Lighting Match
08:28 Cutting Money Trick
09:48 Candy Phone Trick

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