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Cheryl’s readings mainly focus on the journey of your Soul; where you are in life, where you are on your path, how you might be holding back, and where you may need some encouragement and insight to get moving forward. It isn’t about making a bunch of predictions of what may happen in your future, it’s about the now. It’s about you, as a Soul, living this human life and stepping into your truth, power, and purpose as much as possible. Cheryl’s readings can help you to see where your blocks are, how to over-come difficult situations, or gain a different perspective of your gifts and purpose in this world. Often, people just need a little help to get their lives ‘unstuck’ or to gain clarity so they can feel confident in the direction they are heading.

As a born intuitive, Cheryl first learned card reading from her father at 10 years old. She has been working professionally as an intuitive reader, author, oracle card creator, and spiritual artist for over13 years.
Canada & Australia – The cards are in your local spiritual shops!
All other countries – Check out Amazon
RETURN OF SPIRIT DECK: https://www.amazon.com/Return-Spirit-Oracle-Cheryl-Harnish/dp/0978304748
DIVINE GUIDANCE DECK: https://www.amazon.com/Divine-Guidance-Oracle-Cheryl-Harnish/dp/097830473X
PATH OF THE SOUL CARDS:https://www.amazon.com/Path-Destiny-Cards-Cheryl-Harnish/dp/0978304705

NOTE: Oracle cards differ from tarot cards in the type of energy and reading they deliver. Many find the messages are more heartfelt, and speak to the soul of a person.

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Pick a Card Readings with Cheryl Lee Harnish using the Return of Spirit, Divine Guidance, and Path of the Soul Oracle Decks. Get messages and guidance from Spirit about what to expect on your spiritual journey to come? What is the Universe trying to tell you? What is coming your way? And how does this affect your spiritual development, life path and purpose, and ongoing personal development?

Cheryl is the best selling author and spiritual fractal artist of the Path of the Soul, Divine Guidance, and Return of Spirit oracle card decks. She also written 2 books: A Seed of Love (non-fiction) and Matchstick (a spiritual romance novel).

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