Rainbow Lorikeet Facts: Lesson for Kids (Behavior, Feeding & Care)

A rainbow lorikeet is an impish bird, always busy either in playing with toys or doing some amusing tricks. It loves to spend time outside the cage and often shows reluctance in getting back. This intelligent bird can flee from the cage by unlocking itself so you should always stay watchful.

There is no lack of enthusiasm, so as a result of being over excited by fear it can bite sometimes. You can tame your pet by proper training and introduce it to other family members to avoid sole attachment with its owner. Most of the time, a rainbow lorikeet ends up learning words and entertain others with its talking.

A single bird demands quality time from its owner, while a pair stays content in each other’s association.

Feed your rainbow lorikeet nectar mix (either wet or dry) daily. You may also provide pollen mixture, breadcrumbs, baby cereals, oats, eucalyptus flowers, and sunflower seeds.

It is susceptible to have health hazards due to iron enriched foods, so refrain from giving it foods containing high iron.

Keep your rainbow lorikeet spick and span by making it bathe daily either through a mist spray or shallow bath. Ensure the hygiene by making the cage clean and spotless from dirt, dust, and liquid droppings. Get rid of the uneaten food before you offer the fresh ones.

Rainbow Lorikeet

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