This horoscope is for the full moon in Pisces, which happens on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 12:32 a.m. ET.

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There may have been a lot of things from the past 10 or even 35 years of your life that have been hard or difficult. If a lot of things from the past 10 or 35 years of your life haven’t been hard or difficult, then there could be a lot of things from that time period that you have simply just outgrown and no longer feel connected to.

Since April 2019, you may have been doing your best to finally overcome those things from the past and move forward. However, doing that may have been difficult, presenting you with many roadblocks.

Somehow at the beginning of September 2019 you may have started to make progress once again, taking matters into your own hands, to move your life forward. As a result of all your effort, you then started to see a little bit of success manifest in the real world to advance the work you started in April 2019.

Well, now that you have started to see a little bit of progress being made in a real way from your past work, it is time to finally turn inward to your emotions — to release all those old things from the past.

Releasing these things from the past will then help you to move forward into new, different, and better chapters in the future that truly do resonate with you completely.

While this full moon in Pisces is a beautiful thing, helping you to make sense of your past and move on, it can also trigger some tears, fears, sadness, and regret over losing an old life in the meantime.

Maybe you wanted something to happen a while back, but don’t anymore — and seeing it leave is sad. Maybe you could have done some things differently or better in the past to avoid a lot of your issues, but didn’t. That could create a lot of big or weepy emotions.

You could also feel some frustration or anger in addition to the sadness — that even though your life is starting to look up and be better… that there are still many things left undone and still lots of work left to do to get to the best place possible. That could make you worried, anxious, and critical.

The key here at this Pisces full moon is to not be so hard on yourself or on others, but to instead let yourself feel what you feel! Let yourself feel the weight of your experiences from the past 10 or 35 years so that you can finally heal from them, and start to overcome them.

The key here also is to love and be kind to yourself as well as you go through this process — and to really be kind to others and love them too (something I wish I said more of in my video).

If you can love and forgive yourself (and others) through the process and surrender to what God, the universe, or spirit has for you — then a lot of magic, miracles, and pleasant resolutions to some really long and difficult chapters of your life are right around the corner, placing you exactly where you need to be.

So, stop stressing, and forcing things, and being hard on yourself. And start more to love, understand, and accept yourself and your experiences, in all their beauty and complexity.

At this full moon in Pisces, a real intuitive awareness and spiritual understanding can start to take the place of all the old, hard, and difficult things from your past, helping them to find very good and beautiful resolutions, if not now… then very, very soon!

Hang in there!

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