Start of Psychology as a science/ Wundt – Approaches (5.00) Psychology AQA paper 2

5.00 Start of Psychology as a science/ Wundt, Approaches – for AQA spec Alevel Psychology, paper 2

If you are a student of A-level AQA psychology I have made these videos for you!

They are a full set of videos for every part of the AQA specification from 2015 onwards.

They are to be used in preparation for a flipped classroom, revision, self teaching or for anyone who is just interested in psychology in general.

I have attempted to make them as simple, focused and accurate as possible,

6 key points for each sub topic, (to match the 6 A01/ knowledge points in the biggest essay you will get, a 16 marker)

2 pieces of evaluative research per sub-topic (with ways to expand these to gain the 10 A03/ Evaluation points available)

The channel is an on-going project in my spare time, I’m a full time Psychology A-level teacher teaching over 125 students over A1 and A2.

That being said, I’m not perfect, if you spot a mistake or omission, please let me know so I can adapt the next video!

Thanks, Nick