Best Books On PSYCHOLOGY | THE BOOK CLUB SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: 15 Books JORDAN PETERSON Thinks Everyone Should Read: Get BLINK Audiobook for free: Buy it on Amazon: Disclaimer: Signing up for Audible will result in financial compensation for Alux Inc which in turn helps the channel. Books we showcase in … Read more Best Books On PSYCHOLOGY

The Dangerous Few (Psychopath Documentary) | Real Stories

Could the most effective method of crime prevention be a brain scan? This suggestion, the result of recent ground-breaking research, is investigated in the two films that comprise A Mind To Crime. The Dangerous Few examines the surprising claim from the USA that it is possible to identify children as young as four year’s old … Read more The Dangerous Few (Psychopath Documentary) | Real Stories

Real Life Psychopaths (Crime Psychology D

Psychopaths probably make up around 20 per cent of the prison population in both the USA and Britain. They are four times more likely to re-offend than other released prisoners, yet they are just as likely to get parole. Little is known about the minds of psychopaths and what is really behind the horrific things … Read more Real Life Psychopaths (Crime Psychology D

The Nurture Room (Child Psychology)

Filmed over a period of one year, The Nurture Room accesses three schools (three of only five schools in the whole of the UK that agreed to participate in the film), and follows a handful of children as they go on their journey back to full participation in the classroom via the ‘nurture room’. This … Read more The Nurture Room (Child Psychology)