Bad Behaviour (Parenting Documentary) | Real Stories

A powerful and emotive examination of seven-year-old Georgina – a child out of control. After six years of terrible behaviour, parents Diane and Fred have decided to put her into care. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: Follow us on Twitter for more – Instagram – @realstoriesdocs Content licensed by Digital … Read more Bad Behaviour (Parenting Documentary) | Real Stories

The Psychology of Luigi: Childhood Trauma | Gnoggin

Luigi is famous for always being player 2, but why? And how would that effect ones psyche? Support Gnoggin on Patreon! Twitter: Directed and Produced by Lockstin Edited by Stuart Wood Written by JohnnyBlazeGR Music provided by Epidemic Sound

ADHD: Out of Control Kids (Medical/Parenting Documentary) | Real Stories

This poignant film examines the lives of people who suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Behavioural characteristics include severe distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Diagnosis has proved controversial as most sufferers are diagnosed when young and treatment is for life. Filmed in New Zealand, the programme shows the reality of dealing with children so difficult … Read more ADHD: Out of Control Kids (Medical/Parenting Documentary) | Real Stories

Real Life Psychopaths (Crime Psychology D

Psychopaths probably make up around 20 per cent of the prison population in both the USA and Britain. They are four times more likely to re-offend than other released prisoners, yet they are just as likely to get parole. Little is known about the minds of psychopaths and what is really behind the horrific things … Read more Real Life Psychopaths (Crime Psychology D

The Nurture Room (Child Psychology)

Filmed over a period of one year, The Nurture Room accesses three schools (three of only five schools in the whole of the UK that agreed to participate in the film), and follows a handful of children as they go on their journey back to full participation in the classroom via the ‘nurture room’. This … Read more The Nurture Room (Child Psychology)

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