The Quantum Healing Technique for Healing Past Memories (Powerful Healing Process)

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This video will show you the The Quantum Healing Technique for Healing Past Memories. Transcript below….

In this video, I’m going to be sharing with you the quantum healing technique for letting go of past memories and really letting go of blockages as well. I’m going to show you exactly how to apply that so that you’re more easily able to let go of what doesn’t serve and start to be and live the life that you prefer. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. On this video, I’m going to be sharing with you that quantum healing technique that you can apply that can help you in a way start to heal past experiences. Now, this is something that’s going to be kind of rooted in the understanding of parallel realities, understanding that the only moment that does exist is this moment right now. You see we’ve never actually experienced the past because when it was the past, it was the moment.

Now, the moment now is where it’s at and when it will be the future, it won’t actually be the future. It will be this moment right now from just a different point of view, but the way we are wired to think in a very linear type way. There’s a beginning, there’s a middle, there’s an end, and what happens is because we have that kind of belief, it keeps us perpetuating similar experiences over and over again, especially because a lot of times what happens is things that have happened to us in the past. So if there was some type of memory of something that happened in a moment that that memory happened. What may have happened is we ended up deciding and saying to ourselves, even subconsciously, this is who I am, or this is how I have to be in order to really get what I want in life or this is how I have to be in order to shield myself from bad experiences so that a lot of times happens at very subconscious levels.

Now, the thing that quantum physics shows us is that the only moment that does exist is right now, and the other cool thing that I’ve been learning is understanding that in this moment right now we connect back to past memories, but what neuroscience also shows is that anytime re remember a memory, what we do is we take that memory out of the memory bank. We observe it in, as we observe it, we change it a little bit. Then we put it back in the memory bank when we’re done looking at it. So initially what happens is every time we do that, we change the memory little by little and eventually even though we may have thought about it thousands of times or hundreds of times, it’s a completely different memory than what actually happened because it’s been overlaid with our beliefs and our opinions about it.

So what is good about that? Well, the good thing is knowing that what you’re remembering about the past may have been totally different than the way that you remember it, and maybe the story you’re telling yourself this doesn’t work anymore. Maybe the story you’re telling yourself that continues to weigh you down, you know, on average we think about 60,000 to 70 to 70,000 thoughts a day and of those 90 percent of recycled the day before, which means if we’re thinking of past experiences every day, if it’s something we regret, if something we feel shamed about, that gets brought in to our current reality, we keep creating the same emotions. Therefore similar things in our life manifests because we are resonating with those kinds of emotions. So the power of this understanding of this quantum healing technique is the ability to heal our timeline. Because even though we think that that time that happened in the past to set, it’s not actually set, we remember it.

So we keep recreating the energy and the momentum of it. But the cool thing is is as we change in the present moment, we also change different pasts. We have different past what has changed in the present moment and the same way. There’s different probable futures as we change our present moment energy now. So the past in the future are not as set as we probably thought that they were and that’s something quantum physics has shown us. So in this video, that’s what I’m going….

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This video is about The Quantum Healing Technique for Healing Past Memories