Use Peg Words To Improve

Improving our memory is very important for everyone. As everyone needs to think everyday, memory is very important. It could be used when we want to recall the number of our friend, find the number of our locker number or to prepare for an exam. An improved memory can also give us opportunities and edge in doing our jobs. A sharp memory can also give us security. If you have forgotten what medicine to take and have taken the wrong drug instead, you are in grave danger. However, there are things that you can do such as peg words.

Using peg words to improve your memory or to recall needed information is very useful suppose you need to learn it in a list form.

Maybe you have learned in your past experiences that there are also other techniques which you can use. Such technique is to memorize numbers and transforming them into words that can be imaged and associated easily. This is very effective when you want to remember a number given something else.

As an example, if you want to remember the phone number of your friend Anthony, you can remember his number using peg words. You can’t do this using usual method. For phone numbers, this is not a problem, because we don’t usually see a phone number on a piece and we want to remember whose number it is. But for other things, it will be very useful such as area codes, jersey numbers, etc.

Peg words are very useful in recalling such information. It will help you to remember both the number and a given name. The technique is this: instead of inventing a common word for a number, you can use a specific word every time. When you want to recall something that are only given with numbers, you can remember the specific peg word for the certain number, then you can now recall what name was related with that peg word.

This method is possibly the most effective technique in recalling long and numbered roster. Lists, by the way can be recalled by associating words together in a long link such as this:

Canada – India – Singapore – Belize – Taiwan – El Salvador

For shorter lists, this is normally the most preferable method. You can simply form an animated image in your mind associating the objects, and you have recalled the list quite easily.

Then, what if you have a longer list to memorize? In order to remember the 20th of an item, you need to remember the first nineteen. However, this can take a while. Also, if you cannot recall a word in the middle, the link is broken and you are lost! You can recall the list like this:

1. Canada
2. India
3. singapore
4. Belize
5. Taiwan
6. El Salvador

Now if you want to recall the fourth item, you just need to recall your peg word for the number 4, then recall the country that you have associated with the word.

In this list, the numbers are not that too important, but there may be chances where the number is very essential. As an example, we might recalling the presidents of a country, the bill of right, elements of literature etc. In these cases, the peg words are very valuable.