Weekly Forecast October 28th, 2019 | Astrology Answers

Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

On Monday, we experience a powerful New Moon in Scorpio, which brings a new sense of focus, a desire for transformation, and most deeply affects the area of your natal chart in which Scorpio falls. The Moon moves into optimistic Sagittarius on Tuesday, inspiring a need for mental and emotional expansion, as well as a positive outlook.

On Wednesday, Mercury is slowly coming to a standstill, which inspires a need to communicate within relationships. The Moon moves into sensible Capricorn on Thursday, encouraging hard work and responsible action.

Social Venus moves into expansive Sagittarius on Friday, increasing our desire for adventure and group activities. The Moon moves into inventive Aquarius on Sunday, furthering that desire to be with like-minded people and attend social gatherings.

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