Who Secretly Misses You? Timeless Pick a Card Tarot Reading + Initials

Who has been (secretly) missing you lately? I know I’ve been feeling really far away from some of the people that I love while in quarantine, so I consoled myself by getting some tea for you in this timeless pick a card tarot reading. Some really interesting messages came out, and occasional channel guest Pickles (my cat) bit me for the first time ever while I was reading one of the piles, so some powerful energy came through!

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deck 1, pagan otherworlds & aventurine: 4:01
deck 2, spirit speak tarot & blue calcite (i remembered as soon as i finished recording lol): 19:19
deck 3, witches tarot & rose quartz: 33:47
deck 4, nameless deck from etsy & clear quartz: 46:16